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Answers to frequently asked questions

  • whois public directory server is at whois.net.ua
  • price of registration depends on domain, as well as on registrator; some are free of charge, some not.
  • direct registrations under .UA are possible for trademark holders through a contract with one of .ua registrators
  • for local communities, registration in geographical domain is recommended; contact local ISP or domain administrator
  • to register world-wide companies under com.ua, contact one of com.ua registrators
  • to register Internet providers under net.ua, contact [email protected]
  • to register organisations which are part of the government, contact [email protected]
  • to register universities and other high-education facilities, contact [email protected]
  • for all other registrations, consider org.ua; contact [email protected]
  • form to submit varies by domain; for some domains, it is RIPE-049
  • DNS servers can be anywhere; multiple, distributed servers are encouraged.
  • please use [email protected] for correspondence regarding UA domain only.